Chubby BUBBLE VAPES - Blueberry Pear - 60ml

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Blueberry Pear
Freshly picked blueberries mixed with a juicy ripe pear

From the creators who made such classics like Chubby Bubble Purp and Chubby Bubble Melon, now comes the next big flavor by Chubby Bubble Vapes, Blueberry Pear. Two already delicious fruits and combine them into one amazingly fresh fruit e-liquid. If you are looking for a new favorite e-juice that will not get old after vaping it for a while, then try this new e-liquid that will definitely be like nothing you have tried before.

When you start to vape this sweet juicy e-juice, you will get the subtle tasty ripe blueberry flavor, and then after you think it is over you get the fresh wild taste of a prickly pear to finish it off. This is one vape liquid that you will not want to stop vaping after you've tried it. If you are a fan of fruit or sweet e-juices in general, then this is definitely one you are going to want to try and more than likely this is one your are not going to be able to put down. because it is just that good!



Michigan based Mod Fuel have steadily gained their own following after their initial, award-winning E-juice lineup. Mod Fuel has since released a series of bubble gum E-liquid with Chubby Bubble! Bubble Apple, Bubble Berry, Bubble Purp, and Blue Razz offer tart tasting fruity gum with every hit. Bubble Melon is smooth with notes of watermelon with each and every hit. Bubble Punch folds in a whole bowl of fruit punch flavor in a single piece of bubble gum. Bubble Strawberry's piece of bubble gum is filled with the succulent flavor of a freshly picked batch of strawberries. Try a bubbleful bottle of Chubby Bubble Vapes today!