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 A blast of sweet refreshing fruit.


NicQuid Apple is a warm fresh and sweet red apple. Think apple orchard in Vermont!


Daydreamer by Nicquid is the perfect glass of tart lemonade blended beautifully with the essence of fresh picked strawberries. Take a break, kick up your feet, and drift off into the sweet, soothing clouds you wil make from this handcrafted gem.


NicQuid's Maui will literally fill your pockets with sand and sunburn your shoulders. OK- you got us. It won't do that but it will take your mind right to the beach with a load of ripe pineapple and sweet mango. Whenever you need a little vacation from the daily grind, fill up your atomizer with Maui and give yourself that much needed time-out.


NicQuid's Heartland teleports the senses back to a simpler time with its fresh, sweet berry overtone caressed with hints of ripe melon. Not too strong, not too light- Heartland will always keep you coming back for more.



Sweet and tart! The perfect vape on a hot summers day! If you are a lemonade fan this is a must!



An attractive undertone of pomegranate laced with a sweet ripe strawberry will certainly satisfy your taste-buds and exceed your standards for a perfect all day fruit vape.



The Nicquid grape escape! The best trick we ever pulled! The perfect grape flavor! Sure to satisfy grape candy lovers while preserving true fruit flavor! Escape your average grape vapes with NicQuid grape escape!
NicQuid Blueberry flavor tastes like sweet ripe blueberries popping in your mouth similar to your favorite blue candy!


NicQuid Maraschino Blast is just like sweet red candy with undertones of cherry. It is delightful on the tongue without being overly sweet. The perfect fruit lovers all day vape!
NicQuid Peach is ripe and fresh and perfectly plump, Georgia has nothing on us!
NicQuid strawberry is pure and realistic while remaining light and sweet.
The perfect marriage of ripe juicy strawberries, peaches and awesomeness can be found in NicQuid Strawberry fuzz! It is a tornado for the senses and sure not to disappoint.
NicQuid Strawnana Smoothie is mixed to perfection. Fresh ripe bananas and strawberries mixed with cream to create the best blended smoothie you will ever vape!
A burst of crisp icy menthol in each flavor.
NicQuid Added Burst rounds out our Burst collection, by letting you add extra of what makes the Burst collection Burst! Simply put extra 100% menthol drops... no nicotine, no flavoring just pure give any flavor that Added Burst.
NicQuid Apple Breeze is our cool tart green apple with a hint of menthol burst! Looking for a bigger punch of menthol try our Apple Frost!
NicQuid Apple Frost is the juice that launched a thousand taste buds...and hopefully more since the average human has about 10,000 (we stopped counting around lunchtime). It is a frigid blast of sweet, cool menthol envelopes a parade of palette puckering green apple. This has a large amount of menthol. If you are looking for a little less menthol try our Apple Breeze.
NicQuid Bahama Blizzard will rival any frozen tropical cocktail. Better than sitting on a beach with a breeze in your hair. It is a perfect paring of orange, cranberry and peach which is blended and frozen with cool sweet menthol.
Just like a powerful mint NicQuid Mintoid does not disappoint! A Total BURST of mint and menthol in every puff. It will wake up your senses with pinch of peppermint and strong menthol.
This flavor will be sure to make you do a double take! NicQuid Sinappse blasts the senses with a deceptively cool dose of menthol, sweet and tangy green apple, and the devilish bite of cinnamon. This e-liquid is, according to many, strong.
NicQuid Sinthol is a clash of the elements and not for those fearing adventure. It is a strong pairing of spicy cinnamon and refreshing menthol.
Hands down the best menthol flavor on the market! NicQuid SmoothThol is a creamy, sweet, cool, and strong mint/menthol. If you are looking for a smooth, cold dose of the good stuff this is for you. It will easily rival your favorite menthol cigarette. On a scale from 'amateur' to 'Chuck Norris', this is a straight up 'moon landing'. Enjoy!
NicQuid Southern Freeze is just like a light frost on peaches dangling on the tree and strawberries on the vine. Ripe juicy and plump covered with a thin layer of icy freshness.
NicQuid Stripes will remind you of your favorite rainbow chewing gum. A mixture of sweet candy fruits with the slightest hint of refreshing menthol.


Blissfully sweet and decadent desserts.
Just like warm homemade banana nut bread straight out of the oven! This Flavor delivers and then some. Spot on taste and thick plumes of vapor.
Better than any treat at your favorite coffee shop, NicQuid biscotti is warm and inviting like a cookie off of the warm cooking pan. This decadent classic Italian treat is rich and semi - sweet and finishes with a touch of roasted almond.
Looking for that traditional sweet treat? No need to break out the brown sugar and butter here. Treat yourself to NicQuid's Butterscotch- a creamy, sweet blend sure to please the pickiest of palettes.
Cherry on Top: What makes any dessert better? The whipped cream and cherry on top! Nicquid Cherry on top takes it cue from this. Sweet ripe red cherry flavor mixed with fluffy and sweet cream notes.


NicQuid Sinnabun is simply a sinful flavor! Gooey, glazed, cinnamon-y deliciousness all swirled together to satisfy any dessert lover!
Sweet, spicy cinnamon has nothing to hide behind. Wake up your taste buds and smack them around a little with this NicQuid favorite.
The perfect blends of rich smoky tobaccos.
Midnight express: NicQuid Midnight Express is exactly what you have been searching for! A REALISTIC and DELICIOUS TOBACCO flavor! A full bodied tobacco experience that will be the closest to the real thing you have tried! The nuttiness at the start is the appetizer, the smoke is the entree.
Gen 7
A fresh and vibrant cocoa leaf blend with a hint of raisin and vanilla, providing a nice and full tobacco taste and even better vape.
A Sweet, Fresh, roasted, slightly nutty and creamy taste with a hint of french vanilla which is sure to be a good addition to your normal break in the day.
A sweet, nutty, carmelized flavor that is complimented by its roasted and creamy taste, which creates a light and smooth tobacco taste.


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  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Mar 2018

    I love the product and the price but the shipment time is too long it was almost 2 weeks before I received my product I had to buy a vape juice twice in the meantime

  • 5
    another world class experience

    Posted by james on 6th Feb 2018

    repeat customer, and will be for a long time. great product and wonderful service. thanks, james

  • 5
    very good and reasonalbe

    Posted by timothy kendall on 5th Feb 2018

    i've been buying the product and its very good

  • 5
    It was a good buy

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Jan 2018

    If you decide what to buy, you can buy this shop in bulk. It is a repeat decision.

  • 5
    Nicquid Gen 7, flavor Heaven.

    Posted by James Mounce on 17th Jan 2018

    Best tobacco flavor I have tasted. Have never had a desire to smoke a real cigarette since.

  • 5
    Great price

    Posted by Lindsey Ezell on 17th Jan 2018

    I am stuck on the Nicquid sinnamon. And this is the cheapest price around! And the customer service is fast and excellent! They've earned a loyal customer here!

  • 5
    Great price, great product.

    Posted by Mary on 17th Jan 2018

    Received very quickly.
    Great product, price and service.

  • 5

    Posted by JAMES on 13th Jan 2018


  • 5
    very Satisfied

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Jan 2018

    Good product at a good price