Suorin Air Starter Kit

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You have got to add this to your Vaping Arsenal!
This credit card-sized device won me over with the very first draw I took from it.

Now I test out a lot of devices and there are a couple that have really stood out from the crowd in the past.

For example my telescoping Sigelei ZMAX advanced personal vaporizer (APV) which featured variable voltage and wattage adjustment with RMS voltage regulation
Thing is, those devices were upwards of $100, $150 once you added batteries, charger and a tank... you probably know the routine.
All in search for that Perfect Vape, that would have the Flavor and Sensation of a traditional cigarette like I had smoked for over 20 years.
Well most didn't even come close and almost always left me still craving the Nicotine and warm throat-hit I got from my Newport. A few, like the Sigelei, came pretty close after a bit of tweaking and combining it with just the right tank and specific coil configurations. But even that was a bit inconsistent based on my battery charge and how long I'd been using the same coils, and I got kind of that feeling of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears always looking for that sweet-spot setup that was "Just Right."


This all-in-one, rather elegant and easy to fill, shirt pocket sized device, that requires no batteries, chargers, tanks, or any special airflow or wattage adjustments, you hit that Sweet-spot of, "Just Right" with each and every pull you take from it. This little beauty, for the price of about just 3 packs of smokes, not only stands up to any of those expensive mods, with their huge batteries and complicated tank systems, when it comes to delivering you a satisfying Great Smooth Flavor, Cloud-like Vapor Production and a Realistic Throat-hit, that for my money most closely resembles that of a traditional cigarette, but actually blows them out of the water. There is no need for any volt or wattage adjustments, as this unit comes honed in for a Perfect Vape and hits that Sweet-spot right out of the box. Remember to let the cartridge sit and saturate for a couple minutes after first filling. I suggest even taking 15 - 20 draws off a first filled cartridge with no power running to it before inserting back into the Suorin Air Device for the Inaugural Vape.

Now, as if that weren't already enough...
The impetus for our getting the Suorin Air starter Kit in the first place was its Top-Ranking status as a perfectly designed device for use with the New & Headline-making Salt e-liquids, in delivering an Entirely New Vaping Experience, and we wanted to do some testing and sampling to make sure we had the best of the best to bring you as we add a collection of Salt Choices to the Vapor's Choice Club line-up over the next couple weeks. If you haven't heard, Salts combine Super Smooth Flavor at higher Nicotine concentrations than their conventional e-liquid / e-cig counterparts could even fathom.
The Suortin Air is also recognized as a Top-choice among CBD enthusiasts.

I admit, at first glance I wasn't real sure about the shape and size of it. But it felt comfortable in my hand, and surprisingly more natural taking a draw from it than my standard ego batteries.
I can't say enough about how pleased I was with everything about this product!

You probably won't wind up tossing out what you're using now, but I guarantee you're going to quickly find this one in your hand, more often than not, and surely your go-to-device when covert vaping is in order.


Air Specs: 

  • Micro USB Charging
  • 400 Mah Internal Battery
  • 16W Max Power Output
  • Battery Life LED Indicator
  • On/Off Switch
  • 2ML Ejuice Capacity

Package Includes:

  • Suorin Air Device
  • Air Cartridge
  • Micro USB Cable